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Scholarships under the Banach Programme Awarded

Scholarships under the Stefan Banach Programme , a joint initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Science, and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, have been awarded. The Programme is addressed to young people from developing countries who wish to take up studies in Poland. This year, 260 applications from almost 30 countries were selected from among nearly 2,000 submissions. The largest groups of

Nearly 103 million euros for Poland for Erasmus+ in 2016

Poland will receive nearly 103 million euros for the implementation of the EU’s Erasmus+ in 2016. The biggest budget - exceeding 45 million euros - will be at the disposal of the higher education sector. European Union programme Erasmus+ was launched in January 2014. It replaced several previous educational programs, including "Learning for Life" and "Youth in Action". It will run until 2020, with the total budget of € 14.7 billion, of which in 2016 - 2.2 billion. It is planned that during its

Inauguration of the first edition of Ignacy Łukasiewicz programme

On November 27, 57 scholarship holders from 13 countries have officially started their university courses in Poland. The inauguration ceremony was held in Warsaw in the presence of MFA Undersecretary of State - Konrad Pawlik who addressed a welcoming speech to Programme participants and recalled the heritage of Ignacy Łukasiewicz. The programme is a new scholarship initiative undertaken within the framework of Polish aid. Named after Ignacy Łukasiewicz – Polish prominent philanthropist and

The government has adopted the provisions on the programme "Studies for the Outstanding"

On October 20th the Council of Ministers adopted on a resolution and issued a regulation on the government programme "Studies for the Outstanding". The programme provides financial support for outstanding students who wish to study at the world’s best universities. The legal basis for the establishment and implementation of the "Studies for outstanding" has been created by the amendment to the Law on Higher Education and the Income Tax Law, signed in June by the president. Implementation of the

65 young scientists leave for internships at foreign research centres

65 young scientists will soon leave to conduct research in reputable foreign scientific centres. Ministry of Science announced the results of the fourth edition of the Mobility Plus programme. Its winners will receive up to 10 thousand zlotys scholarships. Mobility Plus programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is designed to help young researchers to advance their research careers. Its winners participate in scientific research or R&D work carried out in centres abroad,

255 outstanding young scientists with Minister of Science scholarships

255 outstanding young researchers received scholarships from the Minister of Science and Higher Education. In the 10th edition of the competition, Ministry of Science allocated more than 48 million zlotys to scholarships. The winners will receive more than 5 thousand zlotys per month for 3 years. Minister of Science and Higher Education scholarships are awarded to outstanding young researchers who conduct high-quality research and have impressive scientific achievements on an international

50 PhD positions offered by CORPOICA

Colombian Corporation for Agricultural Research (CORPOICA) has opened a call for 50 PhD positions in areas related with scientific knowledge and developing agricultural technologies. The purpose is improving production competitiveness and strengthening Colombia´s scientific and technological capacities. Corpoica has 13 research centers located in the country’s different agricultural regions which carry out research in vegetables, fruits, permanent crops, transitory crops, roots and tubers,

Poland to strengthen cooperation with China: new initiatives in higher education

The ministers of higher education from 17 countries and rectors of Polish and Chinese universities participated in an education summit organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The summit ended yesterday in Warsaw. To Poland and Central and Eastern Europe it was one of the most important educational event involving China. For the first time in history the Educational Dialogue meeting was held outside of China. Poland was the host of the event this year which, after taking the

Diamond Grants went to outstanding students-researchers

On Wednesday, 78 people received Diamond Grants - scholarships for outstanding students-researchers from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The grants with a total value of 14 million zlotys open the way to faster doctorates. During the ceremony of awarding Diamond Grants, Minister of Science and Higher Education, Prof. Lena Kolarska-Bobińska pointed out: "to change the Polish science is not to make fantastic inventions, but also to change institutions, rules of the game, affect the

Erasmus+ scholarships tax free

Scholarships in the Erasmus+ programme will be free from tax - announced the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The regulation, signed last week on Tuesday by the Minister of Finance, eliminates taxation for all grantees - including university staff. Until now, awarded Erasmus+ scholarships had to be consistent with the amount of allowances set by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. If the scholarship amount was higher than that provided for allowance, the excess was subject to