The scholarship programme is aimed at university graduates, primarily from Eastern, Central and Eastern European and developing countries.

The programme is coordinated by the Polish Committee for UNESCO and implemented at Polish universities from the funds of the Ministry of Education and Science, through the National Agency for Academic Exchange.

Scholarships may be applied for by university graduates who intend to carry out and participate in scientific research projects and study at Polish public academic institutions supervised by the Minister of Education and Science. The themes of the scholarships should be related to UNESCO's programme priorities.

In order to apply for participation in the scholarship programme, candidates should contact directly the universities where they would like to realise their scholarships. Scholarship applications are submitted to the Polish Committee for UNESCO by the universities.

The scholarship holder completes the scholarship under the supervision of an academic staff member of the host university. Consent to be accepted for the scholarship and to be under the academic supervision should be confirmed by the university in the scholarship application. The scholarship form can be obtained by emailing:

More information available at: staze/program- stypendialny-pk- ds-unesco/