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The number of international students in Poland continues to grow

Central Statistical Office: the number of international students in Poland continues to grow. Now it is 57 thousand people - about 11 thousand more than a year before. According to the latest CSO data, more than 57,000 foreigners study in Poland; a year before it was only 46 thousand people from abroad. In one year, Poland gained 11 thousand international students. This is over 23 percent increase. Students from abroad now represent approx. 4 percent of the total number of students in our

Easier to confirm education for foreigners

Foreigners will find it easier nostrify a diploma or continue their studies in Poland. Ministry of Science and Higher Education has announced that they published a regulation to that effect. The new law may also benefit refugees. As previously announced, on Thursday the Ministry of Science and Higher Education published a new regulation on the recognition of higher education diplomas obtained abroad and on confirmation of higher education at a certain level. Under the new regulation, persons

65 young scientists leave for internships at foreign research centres

65 young scientists will soon leave to conduct research in reputable foreign scientific centres. Ministry of Science announced the results of the fourth edition of the Mobility Plus programme. Its winners will receive up to 10 thousand zlotys scholarships. Mobility Plus programme of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is designed to help young researchers to advance their research careers. Its winners participate in scientific research or R&D work carried out in centres abroad,

Poland to strengthen cooperation with China: new initiatives in higher education

The ministers of higher education from 17 countries and rectors of Polish and Chinese universities participated in an education summit organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The summit ended yesterday in Warsaw. To Poland and Central and Eastern Europe it was one of the most important educational event involving China. For the first time in history the Educational Dialogue meeting was held outside of China. Poland was the host of the event this year which, after taking the

Easier access to Polish higher schools for international students

International students who wish to study in Poland will be entitled to study on more advantageous rules. The change is possible due to the new law regulation adopted on August 7, 2015 amending the conditions under which international students may pursue their studies and research. Students will not be required any longer to pay upfront tuition fees for the whole period of studies. As a result of the new regulation tuition fees at Polish higher education establishments are likely to decrease as

Erasmus+ scholarships tax free

Scholarships in the Erasmus+ programme will be free from tax - announced the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The regulation, signed last week on Tuesday by the Minister of Finance, eliminates taxation for all grantees - including university staff. Until now, awarded Erasmus+ scholarships had to be consistent with the amount of allowances set by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. If the scholarship amount was higher than that provided for allowance, the excess was subject to

Minister of Science signed the Higher Education Internationalisation Program

"Throughout the world, 4 million people study outside their own countries. It is estimated that by the year 2020 7 million people who want to receive education outside their country of birth. This market is estimated at $ 100 billion. The most active players are the U.S., UK, Australia. Poland has a chance to join this group because of the rapidly growing economy" - reads the Program signed and published on June 18th. The most important actors in raising the level of internationalisation will

Ministry of Science is working on university internationalisation program

Poland is at the tail end of the European Union when it comes to the internationalisation of universities. The situation is expected to improve after the launch of the Ministry of Science program, the assumptions of which were discussed on Wednesday in Warsaw. The conference on the assumptions of the "Program of internationalisation of higher education" was held in Warsaw. Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Daria Lipińska-Nałęcz reported that Poland was on the penultimate place