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Epidemic Status in Poland due to Coronavirus.
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New requirement for crossing the state border of the Republic of Poland by plane

Starting from 17 July, any person crossing the state border of the Republic of Poland by plane must fill out an electronic Passenger Locator Form via the ICT system before checking in, and if this is not possible, fill out a paper Passenger Locator Form provided by the cabin crew. Passenger locator form is available at: aplikacje.gov.pl/app/klp Please remember about quarantine, which is still applicable after crossing the border.

The largest universities in Poland are returning to full-time education in the 2021/2022 academic year

The largest universities in Poland are preparing to resume full-time education in the 2021/2022 academic year: the University of Warsaw, the Jagiellonian University and the University of Wrocław. Their spokesmen told that lectures with numerous participants may, however, take place in a hybrid manner. A spokesman for the press office of the University of Warsaw, Dr. Anna Modzelewska mentioned that "the authorities of the University of Warsaw uphold the decision to return to

Poland’s National Vaccination Programme For the Foreigners

All foreigners who have not been assigned a PESEL number but hold a residence permit issued for working, studying or staying with their family in Poland may take advantage of Poland’s National Vaccination Programme. See how to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Vaccination e-referrals for foreigners Irrespective of whether you are: a school or university student studying in Poland, a foreign doctoral student, a foreigner holding a work permit, a diplomat, a

Easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Poland from May 1. What will be changed?

From the last few days, a significant decrease in the number of coronavirus infections in Poland have observed. If the downward trend continues in the coming days, it will be possible to ease further restrictions such as the reopening of shopping malls, gyms, restaurants and returning students to school. The schedule may change depending on the current epidemic situation. Check out how the plan for May looks like! FROM 1 MAY Safety rules apply throughout the country -

Modification of the border quarantine rules from March 30

From March 30 you will have to put more effort to enter Poland. However, it is important to mention that all quarantine exclusions regarding people employed in transport and students remain unchanged. That means that full-time students are not quarantined after entering Poland. Entering Poland from the Schengen Area: People are required to have a negative coronavirus test in order to avoid quarantine. The test should be performed no later than 48 hours before

New COVID-19 restrictions in Poland from March 27

The new restrictions will apply from Saturday, March 27 to April 9. All existing restrictions remain in force. The new restrictions are: Closing of nurseries and kindergartens. The exceptions will be children of medical workers and law enforcement (including soldiers, police officers and fire brigades). Parents will be able to apply for additional care allowance. Closing of beauty salons, hairdressers, beauticians. Large-format furniture and construction

New restrictions in Poland from March 20

Poland will return to full lockdown on Saturday, extending current restrictions in some regions to the entire country. The new rules mean that recently reopened hotels, as well as cultural and sports venues, will close and the youngest children will return to remote learning. The new lockdown will come into force on 20 March and remain in place until at least 9 April. Hotels, cinemas, theatres, museums, and galleries will be required to close, as well as swimming pools, ski

New COVID-19 restrictions from February 27 in Poland

Today during the press conference, the Minister of Health announced the new regulations due to the spread of COVID-19 in Poland. From Saturday, February 27, new regulations enter into force. Below you can see the regulations in Poland coming into force from February 27: People entering Poland from the Czech Republic and Slovakia will have to be quarantined. The exception will be people who previously received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. In Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship

Easing of restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19. What will be changed ?

From Friday, February 12th, there will be in power a set of changes in government restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19 in Poland. Are hotels, cinemas, theaters, outdoor pitches, swimming pools and ski slopes going to be opened again? Find the information below! What restrictions will be changed from February 12th? Hotels are going to be opened with a capacity of up to 50%. However, hotel restaurants will remain closed, the meals will be delivered

Shops and Malls Will Be Opened Back Again!

Starting from this Saturday (November the 28th), shopping centers will be opened. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized that the stores would operate under the highest sanitary regime. The shopping malls were closed in early November. The government only allowed the operation of grocery stores, pharmacies, drugstores and service shops. Rest of the shops and premises in shopping malls were closed for almost the entire month. Mateusz Morawiecki announced during a press