All higher education institutions are required to end their courses with examinations. There may be several independent examinations or tests in separate parts of a subject. Usually, oral and written examinations are held at the end of each semester during the examination session. Students sit examinations on each subject separately. The performance assessment period covers either one semester or one academic year. To successfully complete a semester (or a year), a student must attain a pass mark (at least “satisfactory”) for all assessments and examinations in the subjects covered by the curriculum and obtain performance assessment credits for all integrated placements.


Each HEI identifies its grading scale in its Study Rules. The most common scale comprises the following marks:

  • 5 very good (bardzo dobry)
  • 4 good (dobry)
  • 3 satisfactory (dostateczny)
  • 2 unsatisfactory/fail (niedostateczny)
  • credit/pass (zaliczenie)


Sometimes the plus symbol or decimal is used to modify the numerical grades. It must be pointed out at this time that grades awarded according to the scale are not directly transferable to the ECTS credits.