Living in Poland as a student is relatively affordable compared to other European Union countries. The cost of living for students can start from 1500 PLN (330 EUR) a month. However, the prices depend on the city you are currently living in. Living in the capital and tourism city might be slightly expensive than other Polish big cities. On this page, you will find out how much it costs to live in Poland for a month. Please remember, that to be able to study in Poland non-EU/EEA students have to possess sufficient means to cover the living costs.

Below are some examples to give an idea of the amounts students spend per month in Poland.

Living cost in Poland

Monthly expenses (average value)

Expenses Cost (PLN) Cost (EUR)
Rent (student dormitory) 400 - 600 90 - 140
Public transportation 50 - 60 11 - 13
Health insurance 40 - 60 9 - 13
Phone, internet, and TV subscription bills 80 - 100 17 - 22
Groceries 700 - 900 150 - 200
Entertainment 150 - 200 35 - 45
Average total expenses 1500 - 2000 330 - 430

Living costs in Polish big cities

Some popular cities for study destinations in Poland are Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz, and Katowice. Comparison of living costs can be done through monthly expenses for student dormitory and public transportation tickets. Now, let's take a look! Which city offers the most suitable living cost for you?

Living cost in Polish cities