You should try or visit at least at once:

  1. Polish food like pierogi, bigos, żurek, barszcz, oscypek, placki ziemniaczane, kotlet schabowy or some Polish sweets like sękacz, sernik, kremówka and sweets like krówka or ptasie mleczko 
  2. Eating in a Bar Mleczny or in a snack bar, which is similar to Spanish tapas bars, but serves Polish food and drinks
  3. Going by train from Zakopane to Hel… That’s challenging! 
  4. Sailing in the Masurian Lake District
  5. Canoeing on one of the river or canal in Suwalszczyzna or Drawskie region
  6. Skiing and snowboarding in Tatra Mountains
  7. Wandering over Bieszczady mountains
  8. Meet the Polish Bison in Białowieża National Park
  9. Climbing up the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw and take an advantage of a great view from the view terrace on the 30th floor
  10. Doing windsurfing or kite surfing in Hel Peninsula
  11. Visiting a real Polish village
  12. Listening to Hejnał Mariacki (Cracow’s Anthem), which is played by a trumpeter on the highest tower of St. Mary's Church in Cracow and discovering the history of the anthem
  13. Finding out how many dwarfs there are in Wrocław
  14. Supporting the Poland football team or at least singing the song which Poles sing after losing a game Nic się nie stało, Polacy, nic się nie stało… (No big deal, Poles, no big deal) and supporting our Winter ski jumpers (it’s another most popular, even „national” discipline)
  15. Try to draw or dye Easter egg
  16. Wear waterproof jacket on Wet Monday during Easter
  17. Challenge yourself and eat as many doughnuts as you can on Fat Thursday
  18. Don’t go on school on the first day of Spring (Truancy Day)
  19. Get wasted during big music festival in Poland – Heineken Open’er or Woodstock
  20. Pour hot wax into cold water through a key hole and try to read your fate from the shape of the congealed wax on the eve of St. Andrew’s Day (Andrzejki)
  21. Visit the biggest indoor waterpark in Europe. (Park of Poland)
  22. Passing the Polish-Slovakian border by foot climbing the Tatra Mountains
  23. True sustainable art - Hasior Gallery in Zakopane - pieces of everyday rubbish that acquire new meanings in the artist's works
  24. Partying in the annual higher education students' spring holiday “Juwenalia” among beers and concerts
  25. Get lost in the Echanting Jewish Neighbourhood of Kazimierz in Krakow