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Epidemic Status in Poland due to Coronavirus.
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the Minister of Higher Education and Science answering students' questions on coronavirus

(Student) Home alone.

Interactive session with the Minister of Higher Education and Science on coronavirus. Yesterday (March 23), on initiative of Parlament Studentów RP (Poland students’ parliament) there was held an interactive session with the Minister of Higher Education and Science, Mr. Jaroslaw Gowin. The session was dedicated to sharing student’s questions related to continuing their studies in the situation of prolonged quarantine due to coronavirus pandemic. Below we present edited

Legal stay of foreigners during the state of epidemic threat

Due to the state of epidemic threat, voivodeship offices have suspended direct customer service. Therefore, all applications for the legalization of stay of foreigners in Poland may be submitted by post. Applications for the legalization of stay of foreigners may be sent to voivodeship offices via Poczta Polska S.A. by registered mail or via any other postal operator. When submitting applications for legalisation of stay, it is important to do so during legal stay in Poland. Only then the stay

Coronavirus update for foreign students

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemia all higher education institutions in Poland have either suspended classes or switched to the remote mode of teaching. Most of the universities published guidelines as regards to the informing proper authorities in case of getting an infection, staying in dormitories, etc. Please find below a list of the newest official announcements by the Polish Governmental Authorities and respective universities and associations: Government of Poland

Information for international students from the Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland due to COVID-19

Below you can find information for international students from the Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland: 1. We urge that your time off from classes is not an excuse to intensify social contacts. It’s a time of wise health choices. We are responsible for our health. Let’s behave responsibly. Our free time is quarantine. As young people, we can be infected with coronavirus and have no symptoms. However, this means that we can still affect others,

#LotDoDomu Important information on flights to Poland under #LotDoDomu project

From Sunday, 15 March borders in Poland are closed. The Polish government is organizing support for Poles and foreigners that are coming to Poland on the terms applicable for Polish citizens, i.e.: - spouses of Polish citizens, - children of Polish citizens, - people with a Pole's Card, - people who have the right of permanent or temporary residence in Poland or a work permit, - diplomats, - foreigners who operate a means of transport for the carriage of goods. Other restrictions that have been

Epidemic Status in Poland due to Coronavirus

?? ‼️❗️ EPIDEMIC STATUS in Poland‼️❗️❗️Dear international students, scientists and friends, unfortunately, the coronavirus situation in Poland has entered a more serious phase. PM Mateusz Morawiecki on Friday evening informed on new restrictions including the closure of restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, a ban on public gatherings over 50 people and temporary entry ban for foreigners as well as full border control and 14-days quarantine for Polish citizens coming to Poland from abroad. More