Established (year): 
Non-public University
Main specialization(s): 
Civil Society and Media Diplomacy
Computer aided engineering
Students (total): 
26.73 thousand
Academic staff: 
0.50 thousand


Our history began in 1994 with the launch of our first courses in finance and banking. Over the years, we have been working hard and continued to expand and refine our range of educational products.

As a provider of quality business education, we make every effort to enable you to:

  • blend knowledge from different domains and apply it in the workplace
  • select a degree program that will provide you with relevant and immediately applicable skills, e.g. in running a business of your own
  • meet field experts – because we strongly promote networking and experience sharing among students and teachers
  • interact with accomplished representatives of the business community, including the region’s leading companies; their involvement in classroom teaching stands for direct transfer of know-how and case studies
  • use the support of our Careers Services Office in  finding a job, taking a professional training course, and arranging a work placement or internship
  • develop and upgrade your skill level in such areas as career planning, interpersonal communication, data analysis, project coordination, critical thinking, creative thinking, etc.
  • influence our study programs and the organization of our administrative services, because we do want to hear what you think of us: we regularly survey our students’ satisfaction and keep track of alumni careers