University of Technology
Control engineering and robotics
Technological sciences
Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
3 semesters
Tuition fee: 
non EU/EFTA students 2000 EUR tuition fee per semester, EU/EFTA students no tuition fee
Degree awarded: 
Scholarships available: 
Based on merit
Application deadline: 
Tuesday, 30 November, 2021
Day of semester start: 
Tuesday, 1 February, 2022
Credits (ECTS): 
Admission requirements: 

Requirements: Bachelor's or Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering or related field. Minimum 210 ECTS.
Each application is assessed individually on its merits. If in doubt, please contact an Admission Officer, e-mail: admission@pwr.edu.pl
» Deadline for application: 
Non EU/EFTA students see: www.admission.pwr.edu.pl; EU/EFTA students see: www.rekrutacja.pwr.edu.pl
» English: Equivalent of minimum TOEFL IBT – 87 points or 6.5 points IELTS. List of accepted language certificates can be checked online
» Application fee: Non EU/EFTA students see: www.admission.pwr.edu.pl; EU/EFTA students see: www.rekrutacja.pwr.edu.pl 

Field of study: Electronics
Specialization: Embedded Robotics
The Embedded Robotics programme combines the fields of robot control and design with digital electronics and embedded circuits. The goal is to provide the scientific
skills and the practical ability to analyse, develop and deploy systems for the broad field of robotics: low and high-level control systems, perception, in particular robot
vision, intelligence, motion and task planning, communication, and human-robot interaction. The courses are meant to provide an in-depth understanding of theory
and the principles, methods, and processes, allowing the graduates to achieve the competences required in their future job responsibilities. Typical activities include
solving problems in the analysis, design, development, integrating, deployment, debugging, and maintenance of robotic and/or embedded systems.
» Mathematical Methods of Automation and Robotics 
» Control Theory 
» Embedded Systems 
» Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
» Applied Logic 
» Physics 
» Social Communication 
» Foreign language A1 
» Foreign language B2 
» Control Theory for Embedded Systems 
» Robotic Programming Environments 
» Event-based Control 
» Mobile Robotics 1 
» Sensors and Actuators 
» Modeling and Identification 
» Theory and Methods of Optimization 
» Intermediate Project 
» Specialization Seminar
» Advanced Robot Control 
» Mobile Robotics 2 
» Social Robots 
» Task and Motion Planning 
» Master Thesis Project 
» Diploma Seminar 
» Entrepreneurship
The graduates of Embedded Robotics are prepared for creative engineering activities in the field of industrial and service robotics, embedded electronics, and also for research
and scientific work including the Ph.D. degree studies. Specifically, the graduates can pursue an industry, research and development, business or administration career as:
» design engineer and/or programmer of embedded systems and circuits,
» implementation/deployment specialist of industrial robotic systems, robotics systems specialist, integrator, project manager,
» control systems engineer, embedded control devices and systems specialist, building and home automation systems design engineer,
» expert/consultant for robotic systems deployment, including intelligent and social robots.