University of Technology
Chemical engineering
Technological sciences
Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
4 semesters
Tuition fee: 
non EU/EFTA students 2000 EUR tuition fee per semester, EU/EFTA students no tuition fee
Degree awarded: 
Scholarships available: 
Based on merit
Application deadline: 
Saturday, 14 August, 2021
Day of semester start: 
Friday, 1 October, 2021
Credits (ECTS): 
Admission requirements: 
Requirements: Bachelor's Degree. Each application is assessed individually on its merits. If in doubt, please contact an Admission Officer, e-mail: admission@pwr.edu.pl
»» Deadline for application: Non EU/EFTA students see: www.admission.pwr.edu.pl EU/EFTA; students see: www.rekrutacja.pwr.edu.pl
»»  English: Equivalent of minimum TOEFL IBT – 87 points or 6.5 points IELTS. List of accepted language certificates can be checked online
»» Application fee: Non EU/EFTA students see: www.admission.pwr.edu.pl; EU/EFTA students see: www.rekrutacja.pwr.edu.pl 

Field of study: Chemical and Process Engineering

Specialization: Advanced Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology

The programme o f s tudies directly reflects the current needs of the labour market in the field of Chemical and Process Engineering, providing employment opportunities. It is designed to provide the graduates with the following
learning outcomes: knowledge on developments and new developments in the field of chemical engineering, ability to use new advances in the field of chemical engineering, basic understanding of the processes of governance,
knowledge of the functions, principles and management instruments, including quality management and identification of the main problems of management, knowledge of the design of process devices and systems, integration and process intensification, performing a complete process design, the use of computer technology, including tools for exploring and simulating the dynamics of various processes. Advanced Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology combines classical chemical engineering with bioprocess engineering, nanoengineering, chemical technology and environmental engineering. The graduation document certifies the degree in engineering chemistry with the notification of a deepened specialisation in Advanced Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology. Study for applicants without engineering degree lasts 2 years, otherwise 1.5 years only.

» Chemical Informatics 
» Environmental Protection 
» Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering 
» Technical Safety 
» Technical Drawing 
» Recycling of Materials 
» Biotechnology with Introduction to Industrial Microbiology 
» Fundamentals of Chemical Technology 
» Measurements in Chemical Equipment 
» Introduction to Chemical Engineering 
» Optional course 
» Trends in Chemical Engineering Development 
» Nanoengineering - Fundamentals and Applications 
» Chemical Processes Equipment and Methods 
» Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data 
» Chemical Processes Project Designed and Management 
» Heterogeneous Processes in Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Industry 
» Graduate Laboratory I 
» Foreign Language I 
» Foreign Language II 
» Project Management 
» Business Management 
» Optional course 
» Graduate Laboratory II 
» Graduate Seminar and Master Thesis
» Statistical Thermodynamics in Molecular Modelling 
» Materials Used in Chemical Unit Operation 
» Microwaves and Other Advanced Thermal Technologies in Chemical Engineering 
» New Concepts and Solutions in Chemical Engineering
The graduate has extended knowledge of mathematics, natural sciences and technical skills: professional solving of problems in the field of chemical engineering, conduct advanced
research experiments, propose and optimise new solutions and independently analyse problems related to chemical and process engineering. The graduates are prepared
for creative work in the design and operation of processes in the chemical industry. The graduate is prepared to run their own business.