University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Environmental engineering
Technological sciences
Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
four semesters
Tuition fee: 
2200 EUR per one academic year
Degree awarded: 
Application deadline: 
Sunday, 15 January, 2017
Day of semester start: 
Wednesday, 1 March, 2017
Credits (ECTS): 
Admission requirements: 


Engineering degree or equivalent in Environmental Engineering. Qualification based on average results from the first degree studies.

Verified command of English. A list of documents fulfilling the criteria is available at: http://www.sggw.pl/image/data/SGGW/teksty_pdf/WULS-SGGW_ENGLISH.pdf


Specialization: Information Systems in Water Resources Management

Mission of the specialization (major)

The specialization programme focuses on the scientific analysis of physical, environmental, technical, socio-economic and legal aspects of water resources management. It aims to provide students with understanding of these aspects and their mutual interactions and with ability to devise sustainable and technically effective solutions to water resources management. An application of the Information Systems plays an important role in achieving this aim.

Detailed programme of studies

The taught programme is divided into five thematic blocks: Hydrological Processes, Water Management, Information Systems, Mathematical Modelling and Governance. The subjects are realized during four semesters:

a) First year: Statistics, Environmental chemistry, Spatial planning, Reliability and safety of engineering systems, Environmental management, Proecological technologies, Environmental monitoring, Technology and management of construction engineering, Environmental information systems, Soil physics and hydrology, Advanced hydrology, Advanced meteorology, Water reservoirs, Land and water development

b) Second Year: Pollution and protection of water, River hydromorphology and restoration, Remote sensing techniques, Surface water modelling, Waste water management, Environmental geotechnics, Ground water flow modelling, Diploma seminar, Optimisation techniques, Economy of water resources, Water law and administration, Integrated water resources management.

Educational outcomes

Graduates of the specialization are expected to find jobs as academically trained professionals or scientists in a wide range of public and private institutions of different levels (local and central administration, water companies, scientific and research institutions, consultancies, NGOs) working in such fields as: water management and consulting, environmental protection, implementation of EU policy, hydrological engineering.