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Established (year): 
Public Medical University
Main specialization(s): 
Students (total): 
5.15 thousand
Academic staff: 
0.80 thousand


Medical University of Bialystok is a renowned, dynamically expanding institution of higher education, distinguished among Polish academic centers. The University staff members offer high standard of teaching and are an opinion- forming milieu in the region. Among all 808 academic teachers, there are 129 professors and 141 habilitated doctors. This ratio is one of the highest among all Polish universities. In July 2012, in the first edition of a contest announced by the Polish Ministry of Higher Education, the Centre for Innovative Research of the Medical University of Bialystok was awarded the status of the nd reached the first place among all faculties. The Faculty of Health Sciences also received category “A” and reached one of the top places in the rankingLeading National Research Centre 2012-2017 (Krajowy Naukowy Osrodek Wiodacy-KNOW) and in 2013, the Centre for Innovative Research won the title of Podlasie Brand of the Year. Every year, the University places high in nationwide university rankings.



Area Programme Level Mode of studies Unit Language Contact
Medical, health and sport sciences Medicine Master's Programme full-time programme Faculty of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry and Division of Medical Education In English EN admission@umb.edu.pl more

Medical University of Bialystok's news

Medical University of Bialystok, Year 2017 in numbers…

Horizon 2020 program - the only grant in Poland from the European Union under the COFUND competition for the implementation of unique international Interdisciplinary PhD Studies in the field of biomedical research and biostatistics over 20 million PLN raised from European funds for projects carried out jointly with entrepreneurs in the field of functional food research nearly 100 grant applications (twice as much as in the previous year), of...

Graduates of MUB passed the Medical Dental Final Examination as the best in Poland!

Once again, graduates of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of UMB obtained the best results in Poland during the Medical Dental Final Examination in 2018. The average result obtained on the exam by the students of Medical University of Bialystok was 136.16 points. It is 6 points more than the second in the ranking - Medical University of Warsaw (130, 29 points). The third place was taken by graduates of the Medical University of Gdańsk with a score of 129.97 points. This is the evidence...

International Interdisciplinary PhD studies in Biomedical Research and Biostatistics - recruitment process started on 1st March 2018!

An outstanding opportunity for in-depth education in high-throughput experimental and computational techniques used in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and immunology! We are looking for candidates who are in the first 4 years of their research careers: have a title of medical doctor, master of science or equivalent in: medicine, pharmacy, laboratory medicine, biotechnology or others fields closely related, but have not been awarded a doctoral degree before, and have not resided or carried...