Computer science and econometrics
Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
2 years (4 semesters)
Tuition fee: 
EU/EFTA citizens applying on a regular basis – no fees;Non-EU/EFTA citizens: 2 000 EUR per year plus 200 EUR one-off payment
Degree awarded: 
Scholarships available: 
Application deadline: 
Thursday, 1 October, 2015
Day of semester start: 
Thursday, 1 October, 2015
Credits (ECTS): 
Minimum 120
Admission requirements: 

Admission to second degree studies is restricted to persons who  hold the title of magister (MSc), engineer, licencjat (BSc) or equivalent.

The candidates are admitted according to the ranking list based on the adjusted score indicated on the completed studies diploma and the compatibility or relativity of completed studies with the selected second degree course.

A first degree course is compatible with the selected second degree course if it is the same type of course (with the licencjat (BSc), engineer or equivalent title)

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The two year programme aims to provide students with the solid background of Computer Science and Econometrics, supported by the theoretical and experimental foundations of Mathematics and Statistics. The graduates are welcomed by educational institutions,  programming companies, engineering and technological institutions.

The programme includes obligatory courses in Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Algorithmic Methods, Management Information Systems,  Decision Analysis and Decision Theory, Statistical Analysis in Market Research, Actuarial Methods, Representation Methods, and Mathematical Economics.

The studies  offer the following specialisations: Statistics and Econometrics, Business Analytics and also Information Systems. The students choose their specialisation after the first semester during which they participate in specialised courses.

During the last three semesters the students participate in monographic lectures, general and Master’s thesis seminars.

At the end of the programme the students will write Master’s  theses and take a Master’s  examination.

The detailed information including subject descriptions  is available at http://www.wmie.uz.zgora.pl/

It is worth mentioning that the faculty is known for its effective collaboration with local enterprises (traineeships for students) and a friendly atmosphere.