Economics and IT Applications
Social sciences
Bachelor Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
6 semesters
Tuition fee: 
2000 € per year
Degree awarded: 
Bachelor in Economics
Scholarships available: 
Accordance with the rules
Application deadline: 
Sunday, 4 October, 2020
Day of semester start: 
Wednesday, 1 July, 2020
Credits (ECTS): 
180 in total
Admission requirements: 

Admission for bachelor degree studies or uniform master degree studies is based on maturity certificate results.


The Economics and IT Applications is a new course combining well-established economic knowledge and practical applications of information technology in business.

Economics and IT Applications program was developed in a unique way. There are no strictly defined specialties – it was replaced by introduction of specialties modules, which can be chosen by students. It enables Student to create their own individual paths of study, which seems to be particularly important as a practical example of individualized education. The education program puts the emphasis on the practical aspect of education – laboratories based on computer applications in business are 25% of total number of classes.

This education offer is closely related to the mission of the University of Szczecin, which goal is to “maintain the position of the main center of scientific thought in the region, educating comprehensive Graduates, who are able to think individually and have a good, versatile professional preparation.”

Graduate’s competences

Economics and IT Applications assumes the education of professionals, whose responsibilities include the ability to manage, control and monitor the activities of a company or other organization as well as the identification and selection of appropriate computer tools to support these activities. This unique combination will create a kind of intermediary between the business requirements focusing on graduate abilities in market analysis conducting supported by statistical and econometric methods and computer systems (providers) offered on the world IT market.

Graduates will have the theoretical and practical skills in using formal methods of quantitative analysis as well as useful IT techniques in support of the organization.

Employment opportunities

A Bachelor in Economics and IT Applications is a good first step for those wishing to create own company or work as: Consultant, System Analyst, Computer Programer, Project Manager, Information System Manager. Employers of Economics and IT Applications graduates include both leading international organisations as well as new start-up companies.