Non-public University
Computer science
Bachelor Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
4 years
Tuition fee: 
Degree awarded: 
Scholarships available: 
Application deadline: 
Monday, 28 February, 2022
Day of semester start: 
Monday, 7 March, 2022
Credits (ECTS): 
Admission requirements: 

ID card (for inspection)
The originalHigh School diploma(for inspection) 
The originalBachelor’sdiploma and supplement (in the case of Master studies) 

Foreigners must additionally prepare: 

Passport (for inspection)
Translation of theHigh Schooldiploma by a certified interpreter 

(does not apply to documents in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and Azerbaijani) 

Translation of theBachelor’sdiploma (in the case of Master studies) made by a certified interpreter 

(does not apply to documents in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and Azerbaijani) 

Apostille, legalization if required
English language certificate (minimum B2)
Parents’ declaration of consent to study, in the case of a minor
Residence card or valid visa (for inspection)
Health insurance (forinspection)



1)  Artificial intelligence and data science

Artificial intelligence is ubiquitous in our lives. It is used in everyday life, in education, medicine and many other areas of life. Artificial intelligence helps manage our homes, diagnose illnesses, perform surgeries, and shop. What’s more – the AI created the trailer for “Morgan” and even wrote the script for the film, which won a Sci-Fi London award! There is no denying that artificial intelligence and data science are not just the future, they are the present. 

2)  Designing mobile applications

Mobile applications are increasingly used in various aspects of life and are an integral part of mobile devices: phone, tablet, smartphone, iPhone, iPad. The applications are used, among others. to communicate via the Internet, perform advanced financial operations, provide information and entertainment, and make purchases. Currently, most apps are developed for Apple’s iOS devices (iPhone and iPad apps) and Google’s Android. Mobile apps are the fastest growing software market right now. Extremely importantly, within this specialization, we present different ways to develop mobile applications, from native to hybrid to progressive. 

3) Project Managment and User experience

If you want to work in IT and, at the same time, you like working with people - this specialization is for you! It is an excellent choice for those who would like to broaden their knowledge and experience not only in terms of typical technical competencies, but also to learn about issues related to user experience and project management – also extremely crucial for the successful implementation of IT projects. The competences acquired in the course of studies in the field of specialization combined with the competences gained in this specialization will allow to work effectively at the interface between people working with technology and people working in business. 

4) Web applications

Web applications are one of the dominant areas in the IT industry today. The rapid development of cloud technology means that more and more applications previously installed on computers are now accessible from a web browser. This specialization aims to present methods of creating modern web applications, both from the client layer (frontend) and the server layer and business logic (backend). A lot of emphasis is put on using solutions commonly used in IT companies, such as REST architecture, modern JavaScript frameworks or presenting the possibilities of cloud technologies. Thanks to this, after completing the specialization you will easily find yourself in modern programming teams.