University of Technology
Management and production engineering
Technological sciences
Bachelor Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
7 semesters
Tuition fee: 
1150 euro per semester
Degree awarded: 
Bechelor of Science
Application deadline: 
Tuesday, 15 September, 2020
Day of semester start: 
Thursday, 1 October, 2020
Credits (ECTS): 
Admission requirements: 
  1. School leaving certificate (legalized or given an apostille) obtained abroad entitling to study at all types of universities in the country appropriate to the education system issuing the certificate. Document should be legalized or given an apostille and translated into English or Polish language by certified translator;
  2. Candidate should also provide a statement that his school leaving certificate allows him to take up the first cycle studies in the country it was issued – if such a statement is not already written on the certificate;
  3. Document confirming competence in English language (for studies in English) at least at B2 level;
  4. Document confirming the candidate’s identity;
  5. Photo (format 45x35mm, in the left semi profile with a visible left ear, without any jewellery, bareheaded and without any dark glasses, with equal lighting on the face).

The major objective of the field of study Management and Production Engineering is delivery of a professional Bachelor of Science, suitable for the needs of an enterprise operating in the conditions of free-market economy who is able to:
- Combine up-to date engineering knowledge in the area of production technologies with the knowledge related to business and administration,
- Control the production systems in an enterprise,
- Organise the effective production process and auxiliary processes in an enterprise,
- Manage the resources of an enterprise in line with its needs, particularly from the perspective of production processes,
- Manage the personnel in an enterprise, including communication and management of working teams,
- Use professional IT and ICT tools in the areas of engineering, business administration, as well as in the areas of production planning and execution in a proficient way.
The basic scope of knowledge of the graduate of Management and Production Engineering comprises:
- general engineering topics,
- topics related with preparation and organisation of production in an enterprise,
- topics related with quantitative methods and application of IT and ICT systems in management,
- social science and economics related with acquisition of organisational skills in business administration in the free-market economy conditions,
- methods of analysis, diagnosis and designing of organisational systems and systems of management.

Programme structure

The study program includes the following dedicated courses:
- Engineering Graphics
- Materials Sciences
- Fundamentals of Metrology
- Production Processes and Techniques
- Theory of Machines
- Computer Aided Engineering
- Production and Services Management
- Automation and Robotics of Production Processes
- Exploitation of Technical Systems
- Business Management
- Protection of Intellectual Property
- Ergonomics and Occupational Hygiene
- Information Technology
- Fundamentals of Engineering Design
- Logistics in Enterprise
- Planning and Production Control
- Flexible Manufacturing Systems
- Cost Accounting for Engineers
- Ecology of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
- Quality Management in Industrial Enterprises
- Machines and Technological Equipment
- Safety Management
- Environmental Management
- Diagnosis and Monitoring of Technical Systems
- Designing of Technological Processes
- Psychology
- Sociology of Organizations

Career opportunities

The graduates of Management and Production Engineering is characterised by the ability to associate technical and economic knowledge, competences and skills, which means that they are able to prepare and organise the production process in the enterprise in a proper and effective way, as well as assess its impact in functioning of the organisation and gaining assumed financial and economic results and profits.