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Fully-Funded Education at Jagiellonian University. Sounds like a miracle?

More and more students come to Poland to obtain higher education. 428,609 students were admitted to the first year of studies in 2020/2021. We share the stories of the foreign students coming to Poland to get an education with fully-founded financial cover by Poland. 

Meet Kostia. Kostia is a Digital Ambassador of Poland coming from Russia. He is getting a Master`s degree in Math at Jagiellonian University. Sounds like a challenge? Let`s ask Kostia.

Hi Kostia. How did it happened that you study in one of the best universities in Europe?

Hello! 2 years before the start of my studies I have visited Poland as a tourist. Kraków made a huge impression on me… a city of amazing beauty. I have started my research on the Polish universities and made my top list. Jagiellonian University was the only one that nostrificated my documents from a Russian university. I received permission to transfer subjects and grades from St. Petersburg State University where I have been studying before to the Jagiellonian University. Thanks to the transfer of the subject, I completed my undergraduate studies in a year.

How your education is going so far?

So far, I am pleased with my choice. The university has good equipment for studies as well as new buildings and large recreational spaces. It seems that I visit not the university, but a business center. There is less workload and students have more time for extracurricular activities and personal life. Also, there is the highly qualified teaching staff. People treat foreigners well. It is not easy to study during the pandemics, but I have got used to it.

Here is my recommendation. Participate in the Erasmus program! I got a chance to study for one semester in the United Kingdom with a monthly stipend.

Should be expensive, right?

Nope, completely for free. How is it possible? I have received a Stefan Banach Scholarship from National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). If you have not heard about it, The Stefan Banach Scholarship Programme aims to support the socio-economic growth of developing countries by improving the knowledge and education of the citizens of Eastern Partnership, Central Asian and Western Balkan countries. The Programme offers an opportunity to pursue fully-funded second-cycle studies in the full-time mode in the field of engineering and technical, agricultural, applied, and life sciences.

Basically, it not only covers the cost of your studies in the university but also your life expanses in Poland. I did a lot in order to receive this scholarship, and it was worth it.

Read more about the scholarship here.

Why Poland? Not Germany, France, Spain?

First of all, language. Because of some similarities between the Russian and Polish languages, It was not so hard for me to learn it. Also, In Poland I like people - they combine the inherent features of the Slavs, while at the same time Western openness and cheerfulness.

I treat Poland as my gateway to Europe. It is not as expensive as Western European countries, however, contains the European values. I would like to say that studying in Poland gives a lot of opportunities - shows the difference in teaching at the university, meeting new people, the possibility to learn new languages and cultures, and the chance of international trips. Also, roads are super nice here comparing to my country of origin.

I really like how foreigners are treated in Poland. Almost every young person can speak English.

What don't you like about Poland?

The thing that I do not like about Poland is that after 11 PM it is hardly possible to find an open store or restaurant. The same goes for the fact that on Sundays you will not find any restaurant, shopping mall, or public place that is opened. 

It hard for me to say anything else negative.

Do you have any interesting stories here that you would like to share?

Maybe the story of my arrival to Poland… Yes, I got late for my plane. Because of that, I have arrived in Kraków at 00:00 and had to sign the contract for my room rent after midnight in the Polish language. Please remember the fact that I did not speak Polish. Fortunately, I had a friend which helped me with it.


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Photo: Severinus Dewantara via Unsplash.com

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