Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
2 years, 4 semesters
Tuition fee: 
2 000 EUR per year + 200 EUR (Admission fee)
Degree awarded: 
Application deadline: 
Monday, 12 September, 2016
Day of semester start: 
Monday, 3 October, 2016
Credits (ECTS): 
Admission requirements: 
  • In order to start the application process you need to register in Online Application System and submit your artistic portfolio
  • You must have a BA in Arts or in Arts-related fields

Graphic Art Studies we offer are dedicated to undergraduates of all artistic faculties, for example Fine Art Media, Graphic Design, Art Education etc. It will be welcome serious interest in art printmaking as well as graphic design activity. The twenty-first century brings necessity to develop creative potentials in each area of knowledge, human intelligence and abilities. Our Studies are proposal of very interesting and gracious way to appreciate and learn principal, most important issues from fine arts and design. Advanced information from Fine Arts History, Contemporary Polish Art, Sociology of Art, Visual Arts And Literature can facilitate understanding of visual phenomenon and deepen the sensitivity to beauty as well as skills in creative solving of problems. Unit fine arts and theory will be a interesting offer to widen experiences in comprehending of understanding a plethora of phenomenon in contemporary art. Practical courses will base on study of classical graphic art, painting and drawing as well as the newest digital technologies and multimedia solutions. Our intention is to place emphasis on printmaking skills. Students will be lead to skills of three most important printing types: relief, intaglio, serigraphy and experimental techniques. The more practical and useful kind of plastic activity will be developed by graphic design as well as book illustration. It will be very inspiring to enrich the main study program with such additional proposals like photography and mosaic - ceramics. Our staff is gathered from the most experienced university teachers, recognized artists and scholars. The Institute of Fine Arts welcomes international students and values cultural diversity. All courses are conducted in English. We hope that our Graphic Art Studies will be very attractive and unique adventure and magical journey to World of Art. The table containing ECTS details can be found here and the detailed programme description can be found here.