Biological sciences
Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
2 years
Tuition fee: 
11 280 PLN annual fee
Degree awarded: 
Scholarships available: 
yes; see: https://kandydat.kul.pl/en/scholarships-for-international-candidates/
Application deadline: 
Friday, 1 March, 2024
Day of semester start: 
Tuesday, 1 October, 2024
Credits (ECTS): 
Admission requirements: 

BA diploma in the following fields of study: Biotechnology, Biology, Microbiology, Environmental Engineering, Environment Protection or related.

The above programmes must be accomplished within one of the following branch of science:

  • exact and natural sciences
  • engineering and technical sciences
  • health sciences
  • agricultural sciences

Admission on the basis of the final grade for the diploma examination. 

In some cases upon verification of learning outcomes stated in BA diploma additional courses for the completion can be indicated.

An applicant while registering is required to submit:

  • one of the certificates confirming English proficiency at level B2. HERE you can find the LIST OF CERTIFICATES CONFIRMING ENGLISH PROFICIENCY – English B2 Certificates

Studies prepare for:

The graduate may take up a job as team member or head of a team working as a: biotechnologist, microbiologist, biochemist, geneticist, biologist, laboratory analyst, laboratory technician, quality assurance specialist, specialist for drug registration in industrial research centres that use biotechnology processes, in research, control and diagnostic laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, plant breeding stations, institutions for public economics,  environmental protection agencies and departments of natural resources management, etc.

Professional skills: Knowledge in the field of biochemistry and biology, laboratory techniques and research tools.

  •     knowledge in the field of: biochemistry, microbiology and biology; statistics that enables to describe and interpret natural phenomena
  •     ability to write obligatory specification documents, like research procedure and instruction
  •    ethical behavior for the time of planning and conducting the research experiments
  •     knowledge of principles in research planning using techniques and tools applied in the field of biotechnology
  •     knowledge of quality assurance at the stage of development, production and quality control of the biotechnology product
  •     ability to obtain the rights under the external certification course: “Quality and Internal Audit Specialist”

Practical skills:

  •     application of research techniques and tools in the field of natural sciences, in particular in biotechnology
  •     free extra certificate courses: “Advanced chromatographic techniques” and “Flow cytometry”
  •     application of statistic methods in interpretation of natural processes, analysis and verification of experimental results
  •     practical application of the work principles in aseptic conditions
  •     ability of undertaking basic diagnostic analysis