Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
2 years (4 semesters)
Tuition fee: 
2 000 EUR per semester
Degree awarded: 
Application deadline: 
Sunday, 4 October, 2020
Day of semester start: 
Monday, 12 October, 2020
Credits (ECTS): 
30 ECTS per semester
Admission requirements: 

Contact us by e-mail: rekrutacjaws@ujk.edu.pl

Register online via University’s admissions portal: https://rekrutacja.ujk.edu.pl.

Attach to your recruitment account:

  • digital copy of BA or MA diploma in visual arts or equivalent (admission to the program is based on final grade in the diploma)
  • digital copy of a document confirming English language proficiency, if high school/secondary school education wasn’t conducted in English (Cambridge English First- FCF, IELT 5-6.5, TOEFL iBT 87-105)
  • 1 colour digital photograph in jpg format, 2cm x 2.5cm (236 x 295 pixels)

Pay the application fee 150 PLN to the account numer from the recritment account and send confirmation of payment by e-mail: rekrutacjaws@ujk.edu.pl.

Candidates without an English language certificate: a Skype interview to test your ability to communicate in English.

Deadlines: https://ws.ujk.edu.pl/visual-arts/


Visual Arts is a major provided on the first and second level of higher education based on comprehensive artistic education in the field of Visual Arts which results in gaining knowledge, abilities and social skills in the field of using varying art media, including artistic expressions. The program consists of:

  • subjects in the field of theory and history of art, contemporary art, animation of visual culture, which serve the purpose of gaining a broader cognitive perspective, development of creative attitude, artists being open to new challenges and taking various roles related to functioning in a society as a creator
  • subjects in the field of fine arts like painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture
  • subjects in the field of multimedia, intermedia, photography and film
  • optional subjects in the field of new media (digital arts and digital animation), publication (poster design, illustration, typography).

Learning outcomes:

  • students’ intensive preparation for individual, creative work in the field of visual arts based on learning outcomes considering student’s individual interests
  • development of the ability to independent explorations of new forms, means of expression and media, allow the use of interdisciplinary contemporary and future language
  • development of the ability to use of traditional and modern artistic media
  • gaining general, theoretical art history and modern art knowledge
  • students’ preparation for participation in regional, country and international cultural and artistic life.