The feeling of being welcomed by professors was definitely such a motivation to learn more and more. Classmates were competitive, but also all open to have additional hours to discuss and learn together.

1. Tell us why you have chosen Poland as your study destination?

At the last minute of my bachelor’s degree, when I was about to finish my thesis and had a self-conversation whether continue studying or get the job instead, I remember the night when I opened my social media, friend of mine whom I met at youth conference in India posted the first edition of Ignacy Lukasiewicz scholarship provided by Polish government. I did some research about Poland back then, and I realized some facts that I didn’t know before about this country, for starter, Polish flag has upside-down color to Indonesian. Besides, it such more affordable place to live for those who comes from developing countries compare to most of the countries in Schengen Areas. That was pretty much the reason why I decided to choose Poland amongst others.

2. How is your experience in Poland going so far? 

Living in this country makes me become more open-minded and healthier, both physically and mentally. However, to be honest, if I would say something that I should be more prepared before coming to Poland, it would be the language. I went to Lodz for my first year without any basic of language awareness. I am still pretty much convinced that if I could manage to decrease this language barriers, it would’ve been easier and faster for me to find circle for hanging out together and feel the cultures with locals with less hesitation. But, almost five years living in Poland both as students and a worker, I live my life. Of course, some small incidents have had occurred, but it just the matter of curiosity and perspectives.

3. What you like the most about studying in Poland? 

My impression about education system in Poland was that its really efficient to gain the knowledge. The professors were always willing to have consultation towards the doubt in the subject hat had been thought in the class. The feeling of being welcomed by professors was definitely such a motivation to learn more and more. As per the classmates, it is obvious that everyone was quite competitive either to themselves or with others. However, when it comes to preparing the exams, they were all open to have additional hours to discuss and learn together and to help each other weeks before the exams in order to pass the subject. Apart from that, the international section was really helpful in regards of administration and legalization.

4.What would you tell students in your home country to encourage them to come to Poland? 

Let me answer in a slightly unusual way - please check the video below:

5. Could you tell us your story?

I am one of the scholarship holders of the first edition of Ignacy Lukasiewicz scholarship for Indonesian student. I completed my Polish language course in Lodz in 2016 and went straight forwards to my master’s degree at Warsaw University of Technology. I finished my thesis in Nuclear Power Engineering and currently I am working at Ingersoll Rand under the title of Marketing Automation Specialist in Energy. Apart from that I have just got new responsibility as Digital Ambassador by NAWA.