Poland is my second home now. Luckily, until now everything is still going well, and I personally have never been discriminated against.

1. Tell us why you have chosen Poland as your study destination?

In the beginning, to be honest, I only knew a little information about Poland (one of which was only because the color of the Polish flag is same as my country, Indonesia, but reversed). I am interested in continuing my education in Poland after knowing about The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship Programme. I never imagined I could get the opportunity to study in Europe, but after I lived in Poland, I could feel that Poland is a beautiful country with good quality of education. I got a lot of valuable experiences and challenges while studying here and I don't regret choosing Poland as my study destination.


2. How is your experience in Poland going so far? 

Poland is my second home now. Luckily, until now everything is still going well, and I personally have never been discriminated against. Despite my very poor Polish skills, the people here are very welcoming. Learning Polish is a new challenge for me because I think Polish language is very difficult, but fortunately, people really appreciate me speaking Polish even though it is very limited. Trying to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic situation during my studies in Poland, which is currently very far from my homeland and my family is an unforgettable experience. Fortunately, I can easily access information and updates regarding conditions and regulations so I can feel safe while here.


3. What you like the most about studying in Poland? 

I had the opportunity to meet friends from many other countries so that I can share and exchange information and culture with each other. Learning basic Polish was fun for me, even though afterwards it was very difficult.I had the opportunity to study Polish at UPH Siedlce. During the preparation for the language class, I not only learned about the language, but also was introduced to other Polish cultures. Not only academically, I also had various opportunities to try new things such as learning art (painting, sculpture), and even learning to make traditional Polish cakes.Now I am continuing my master's degree at the University of Agriculture in Kraków. I really enjoyed my study here, the pleasant class atmosphere plus experienced lecturers in their own respective fields could guide me in more depth. Learning in this COVID-19 pandemic is a new experience and challenge for me, but I am very grateful and appreciate the lecturers who still give their best to teach me so it motivates me to study hard too.


4. What would you tell students in your home country to encourage them to come to Poland? 

If you want to experience the atmosphere of studying in Europe, Poland is one of the countries that must be considered as a study destination.The campus facilities here are very supportive for studying and the lecturers are very friendly and nice to discuss together.One of the things worth considering is because the cost of living in Poland is approximately more and less similar to the cost of living in Jakarta, my hometown, so you don't have to worry about financial problems, as long as you can manage your finances wisely.It’s your turn to challenge yourself and take the opportunity to experience studying in Poland.

Ready, Study, Go Poland X Batik Megamendung (Indonesia's traditional batik pattern)


5. Could you tell us your story?

My name is Lufiana, I am a recipient of the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship Programme. Until now I have lived in Poland for 1 year where I completed 1 semester Polish preparation class in the city of Siedlce, my first home in Poland. And now, currently studying the 2nd semester at the University of Agriculture in Kraków.Kraków is a beautiful and multicultural city, I feel very grateful and happy to be living in Kraków.Continuing to study abroad is one of my dreams, and Poland is the answer to it all. I hope to get as much knowledge and experience as possible while I'm here so that I can apply it all to my life in the future.


You can contact me at (e-mail) lufianamardania@gmail.com

Name Lufiana Mardania

From:  Indonesia

Lufiana Mardania