I have really benefited by learning the Polish language (still learning) which was the key element of having great people around me and the welcome attitude from the community.

1. Tell us why you have chosen Poland as your study destination?

In my postgraduate studies, I have benefited from the full-scholarship internship program at the University of Chicago that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the interest of scientific research and a strong conceptual understanding of the importance of research challenges.  My work involvement in various popularizing science events brought with them the opportunity of winning the Marie Sklodowska Curie fellowship for doctoral studies at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.  Poland and its culture was always a place in my mind due to my wonderful experience in Chicago with the group a friend of Polish origin and being a part of various celebration organized by this community. I gave a benefit of the doubt during my application for doctoral studies in Poland.

2. How is your experience in Poland going so far?

In my 7 years of living in Poland, I can describe the word "experience" taking into account the attitude of the community and its acceptance. Which was enormously appreciable. I have benefited from the various amazing exposures, remarkable achievements, a group of marvelous friends and travelling interests. Taking advantage of my long stay, I have benefited by learning the Polish language (still learning) which was the key element of having great people around me and the welcome attitude from the community. Language does help to connect people and communities.

3. What you like the most about studying in Poland?

My doctoral studies experience in Poland was worth to remember due to the friendly nature of my Promoter and colleagues, which makes it convenient to reach my goal effortlessly. In addition to that, the education culture in Poland is more relax and practice-oriented. This is a bit different in my country, where your credibility was evaluated based on numbers/theory ignoring the importance of practice or implementation in the physical world. 

4. What would you tell students in your home country to encourage them to come to Poland?

If you love science, mathematics, physics, in particular, Poland should be your choice! Remember Nicolaus Copernicus, Marie Sklodowska Curie no introduction is needed, right! Apart from science, Poland does have several outstanding universities which provide studies in various field and an opportunity to explore different educational environments with various international and local students. As Poland is located in central Europe and part of a European Union, I like to draw the attention of tremendous opportunities to explore Europe and its own beautiful wonders.

5. Could you tell us your story?

My name is Vibekananda Dutta, I have finished my Ph.D. from Warsaw University of Technology in 2019. Currently working as an Assistant Professor at UTP Bydgoszcz and Research Scientist at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. My initial arrival in Poland is due to my doctoral studies and then I continued to stay because of my job. Living in Poland such a long allows me to consider this country my second home and the people are my own. Indeed! an experience worth remembering. Cheers!


Vibekananda Dutta