Living in a developed country growth my productivity because feeling safe in the streets and around plus a well-organized city made me feel very comfortable from the beginning.

1. Tell us why you have chosen Poland as your study destination?
Honestly I was applying to several scholarships of countries in Europe, i got awarded in Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship Programme and i didn't hesitate in coming here to Poland, i knew very little about Poland in that time but i love challenges and discover new things every day, and i am very satisfied to have being discover this beautiful country.

2. How is your experience in Poland going so far?
So far very amazing, I had so much fun and visited amazing places here in Poland, also i made very great friends very loyal and reliable persons, that made me feel like in home since the beginning, also personally living in a developed country environment growth my productivity because feeling safe in the streets and around plus a well organized city made me feel very comfortable from the beginning as well. So basically I learned a lot and enjoyed every time as expected, the only thing is missing my family that is very normal being abroad but with the internet i call them everyday and you don't feel it that much.

3. What do you like the most about studying in Poland?
I am very satisfied by the academic and research level of Polish universities, from the first days of classes in the preparatory course of polish language i felt the difference between my country and Europe, mostly the organization and the system at the first glance, teachers make you feel secure that it won't be any obstacles in achieve your academic goals, also that you can count on them for any issue. Now that i am studying my master degree, i felt the high academic level from the first day of classes, the teachers and alumni are very well prepared and i liked that because it make me felt challenged to catch up, also the system of UW and the studies programme allow us to not only be specialized in your field but also encourage you to take courses in other study area.

4.What would you tell students in your home country to encourage them to come to Poland?
Basically that is one of the most affordable countries in European Union and with high quality universities also very affordable, very cheaper than many private universities in Lima, so living the experience of studying abroad is highly recommended, if you can fund it yourself it's going to be very worthy,  and if you cannot afforded the Ignacy Lukasiewicz scholarship programme is one of the best options for master studies here in Poland, 3 years fully funded.
Poland is right now one of the best destinations in Europe for students, you can feel it everywhere, many professional opportunities are available for people with command of another more foreign language apart from English(like Spanish in my case) because Poland it’s the country of bigger economic growth in Europe for many years.

5. Could you tell us your story?
I born in Huancayo, a city around 3300 m over the sea level in the central highlands of the Andes mountains in Perú, i lived most of my life in Lima, the capital city of Peru, and i studied Physics in San Marcos university, the bachelors in Peru are 5 years length and after finishing i started to apply to many scholarships in developed countries, i had average grades, i wasn't in the top of grades but i always trust in myself and my capacities and i knew that every scholarship has its own method of selections, so when i applied to Ignacy lukasiewicz scholarship programme I knew that i had an advantage because i am very good when i write. The main selection criteria was a thesis plan of the master that you wanted to pursue. I got the scholarship and know I am very satisfied with the programme so far but also very encouraged to get the maximum value of it. My goal is to stay here in Europe and bring my parents so they can live also in a place of highest quality of living and also closer to me, give back what they deserve the same way they made me the great person I am.

Siwar José Basualdo García