After searching for master degree in different countries, finally I saw a modern MSc program in Poznan which is Structural Engineering that meets my ambitions to connect the theoretical knowledge with the most modern practical projects.

1. Tell us why you have chosen Poland as your study destination?

I was looking for a special specialty which can increase my knowledge and experience in my field of studying which is civil engineering and construction management. After searching for master degree in different countries and universities, finally I saw a modern MSc program in Poznan which is Structural Engineering which concerns on the analysis and design concrete and steel structures by applying on practical complex projects during the semesters of the Master program. I found in this specialty the courses that meet my ambitious to connect the theoretical knowledge with the most modern practical projects which applying the technology in the building like “Building Information Modeling”.
I found that once I start my studying in Poland there are two major opportunity will be opened to me; the first one the Poland is one of EU country so I can travel in the weekends and vacations easily in addition of internal tourist so I can refresh my mind and have interested moments. The second one is that Poland has a lot of international engineering offices such as: ARUP which has a lot of branches in different countries. So it is a great opportunity to find jobs with international companies and offices. In the last years, Poland has an increase pattern in developing its facilities and infrastructure which allow its economy to be enhanced. So for me staying in a country that has the ambitious to develop itself, could increasing the probability to find jobs in my field in Poland.
All in all, Poland is the best choice for me to study in and create my career future.

2. How is your experience in Poland going so far? 

As my preparatory course which is learning the basics of Polish language furthermore learning Polish culture. I spent 4 months in Katowice which located at the southern of Poland. This city has a beautiful places to visit such as Spodek Arena which is "Flying Saucer's shaped" hall. This attractive arena is very important part of the history of the city Katowice and whole Poland. It used to be the arena of many sport events including World Championships of hockey, volleyball, handball and many more. Furthermore, one of the most recognizable symbols of Katowice. The biggest monument made of Bronze in Poland. It's located in the center of Katowice City, near the other well-known object - The Saucer and amazing National Orchestra of Polish Radio and The Silesian Museum. The monument consists of two wings which should remind Polish 16/18th century winged cavalry - as a symbol of best ages of Poland. This is monument commemorating Silesian Uprising from beginning of 20th century, when people living in Silesian District were fighting against Germans to stay in Poland. In Katowice you can find Muzeum Slaskie that comprises a building complex erected at the site of the former mine and represents a perfect combination of the region’s identity with state-of-the-art architectural solutions. There are a lot of other amazing architectural works such as bridges either for pedestrians or for transportation they are made not just to have its function but also to have a nice view.
Poland has variety of transportation facilities such as Trains, Trams, Buses and cars. So that you can go wherever you want either in your city that you are studying in or having a trip around. The main system to have the permission to take the main transportation system is to take a ticket in order to use trains, trams or buses.

"Flying Saucer" - Spodek Arena in Katowice

My first experience I see the snow is in Poland, even this year there is no a lot of snowing but for be even it is a little bit of snowing it is my first time. That’s leads me to try skiing, it is hard at the beginning, but one by one I can be better, now I am just in the first step 😊  

I’ve visited Warsaw twice a city with long history that present the desire of Polish people to achieve the peace and build their country and grow it up day by day.

If you are searching for taking advantage of the terrace located on the 30th floor, offering a mesmerizing view of the city’s panorama, so you should visit the Palace of Culture and Science. This amazing tall building contains a cinema, a swimming pool, four museums, four theaters, four universities and numerous coffee stores and bars.

Also I’ve taken a look in Krakow for one day. I visited some common places and squares which is evidence of the history of the city. Such as the Barbikan Castle which is the only remaining gatehouse of the medieval fortifications that once encircled the whole city. It’s redbrick bulwarks and formidable turrets helped to fend off the Mongol hordes during the 13th century. Today there are occasional theatre productions and other art shows hosted inside.

I am really enjoying my time here in Poland there are a lot of activities and trips which I can do it with my friends during studying or during the weekends or either on the vacations.

3. What you like the most about studying in Poland? 

At the beginning I was studying Polish language and culture in the preparatory course in the University of Silesia in Katowice. I have spent about 4 months in that course, what I can say that the friendly and enthusiastic educational environment breaks the difficulties of the language. Especially I don’t have any experience in Polish language before, so for me the polish language was difficult, but I don’t know how I start understand it 😊. The reason for this is obviously because of the way that the teachers’ approach.

The university’s staff organized a lot of activities inside and outside the university. Making activities outside the universities building allows me and my colleagues to be in touch with polish people and culture. We attended for different charismas festivals and activities and learn charismas songs in Polish language. It was hard at the beginning but by training with a specific tone we start to sing some charismas songs somehow like polish students 😊.

We also went to a primary school and spent one day with beautiful and smart students. For me I taught a group of students in a class the Arabic alphabets and numbers. Further more we joined them with music lessons. Really it was one of the best trips that was prepared by the university of Silesia in Katowice.

All of that help me to catch polish culture and language and make me familiar with this language, which is the starting point to communicate with the polish society, in addition of opening a lot of opportunities specially to find good and better job in Poland.

In my master degree I have just started my program in Poznan University of Technology which is one of the best technical universities in Poland. Furthermore, URAP ranked PUT as in top of 6% of world universities. It is one of the best feeling when the University that you will study in receive you once you arrive its city. My university received me from the train station and help me to catch my dormitory and make a trip around the city to know the main buildings of the university and other facilities like library sport centers, hospitals, formal offices etc. The studying here depending on theoretical and practical classes with using modern approaches and tools, which will increase my experience in my field.

All in all, studying in Poland allows me to enhance my skills in my specialty in civil engineering using the most modern tools. The amazing thing that you can get all of those benefits plus meeting different students in the university. Meeting International students from all around the world in one place (Poland) can make you more open minded and accept all different cultures, in addition of having the best memories in my story.

4. What would you tell students in your home country to encourage them to come to Poland?

It is good to start thinking outside the box and try a new experience in a new foreign country to continue your studying in higher education. The comfortable zone of thinking for the fresh graduates maybe can make a barrier to progress in the professional life. Because in our countries it can be felt more comfortable by staying with our families and friends. But it is important if you want to enhance your knowledge and experience, you should start trying to find a place which can improve your skills and knowledge in your field of studying. Poland is the place where you can find attractive master degree programs which can lead you to improve and increase your knowledge in your specialty. First of all, it is better to have a preparatory course in Poland to learn Polish language and culture so it will be easy for the student to communicate with people and facilities in Poland easily. Meeting international students and Polish student could make a new enthusiastic atmosphere which encourage the student to have a new friends and relationships with different students from different countries. At that moment you will find that you are “rich” by having new friends in addition of your friends in your country. So that can improve the student characteristic and be more open minded. As it is known that Poland is one of EU countries, so the student can discover Europe and visit a lot of European countries without needing to make visa to enter that countries such as Germany and Spain.
After finishing the preparatory course, you are now able to continue your higher education in one of the polish universities. Poland has a lot of universities which are highly ranked such as University if Warsaw which is ranked as one of the top 301-400 around the world such as: Jagiellonian University and University of Warsaw. Poland has a lot of technical universities which concerns on practical knowledge and applying the scientific theories. As it is known that nowadays most of the companies around the world are asking for technical skills, which it can be found in Poland’s universities.

A lot of opportunities are waiting for students who are looking for better environment in studying and finding jobs. Learning Polish Language can facilitate your lifestyle in Poland, you can catch jobs and widening your relationships. Furthermore, Poland has a good infrastructure and proper transportation system that facilitate your trips inside one city or outside the city. So if you searching for a place to get a good quality of education and build your career future, Poland is the best choice.  

5. Could you tell us your story?

My name is Mohammed Eleyan, I am from Palestine. I have finished my Bachelor degree in Engineering of Building and Construction Management – Department of Civil Engineering – on July 2017. I want to say that this period of studying had a lot of challenges as well as great opportunities. I used to play different types of sports with my colleges and friends such as football and running. Moreover, I participated in a lot of trips and journeys that prepared by students. At the end of my studying I’ve obtained the second order among the department of Civil Engineering. So, I’ve chosen to work as teaching assistant for one academic year based. It was a year full of experience especially teaching a lot of students different discussion sessions and lab classes. After finishing this year I started looking for increase my skills in my field. I started learning the most powerful and modern software that used internationally in the field of engineering. Fortunately, I am the first one who certified professional in Autodesk Revit Structure in Palestine. By believing in social activities I started to teach students and engineers how to use Engineering software such as Autodesk Revit to improve their skills and career opportunities. I am widening that and start publish a public Facebook page and YouTube channel and sharing educational materials. As I am always searching about increasing my skills I start to think when I was in Gaza how to get experience from outside boarders. I had two probabilities the first one is to work Online for engineering projects or try to study MSc in a strong university in ambition countries. Now I am lucky to achieve the both probabilities I am high rated freelancer on Upwork I worked a lot of projects in different countries such as: USA, Australia, Thailand and New Zeland. Nice to be mentioned that all of these projects were done in when I was in Gaza which is a closed area. And now I have a great opportunity by obtaining NAWA scholarship and start studying my MSc in Poznan University of Technology where I will learn and extended my knowledge in analysis and design of structures by knowing the principles of concrete steel structures and plate and shells etc. Finally, I was nominated by NAWA to be Student Digital Ambassador to work hand by hand in publishing the polish culture and guide students to study in Poland.
For me what I learn from my short experience is that the ambition is the fuel of success, furthermore Ambition never comes to an end.


Mohamed Eleyan
Palestinian Territory