University of Technology
Mechanical engineering
Technological sciences
Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
3 semesters
Tuition fee: 
9000 PLN per semester
Degree awarded: 
Master of Science in Engineering
Scholarships available: 
Application deadline: 
Sunday, 18 July, 2021
Day of semester start: 
Friday, 1 October, 2021
Credits (ECTS): 
Admission requirements: 

BSc in:

 Mechanical Engineering, Management and Production Engineering 

 Automatics and Robotics, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering, Technical Physics, Safety Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Materials Engineering, Medical and Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Aviation and Space Exploration, Mechatronics, Metallurgy, Ocean Engineering, Environmental Protection, Agricultural Technology and Forestry, Wood Technology, Transport, Textiles, other related fields

 Other related fields

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The major objective for students is to acquire theoretical knowledge in advanced topics in the area of mechanics and machine construction and operation, as well as practical expertise in the application of this knowledge. Graduates from this course will have a well-founded knowledge of the principles of mechanics, design and manufacturing with the aid of modern computational tools; be able to execute works aiding machine design and construction of materials, and carry out supervision of their operation; be fluent in utilizing modern engineering computer software and harnessing modern technologies; be able to undertake doctoral studies; be able to lead teams and companies; have the ability to utilize the acquired knowledge at work and in daily life; have the ability and skills needed to establish and manage small companies, as well as being familiar with the necessary legislation to run small and medium enterprises.

Career opportunities

Graduates are qualified to work as: 

 engineers in all branches of mechanical engineering as well as those focused on machine production and operation

 engineers in design, construction and technology units, as well as those dealing with organization of production and automation of manufacturing processes

 engineers in accreditation and quality assurance offices, commissioning offices of products and materials

 engineers in consultation units, and other units of administration, education and economy requiring technical and IT knowledge

 engineers in research and development units.