University of Technology
Technological sciences
Doctoral studies
Mode of studies: 
full-time programme
8 semesters
Tuition fee: 
3500 EUR tuition fee per year
Degree awarded: 
Application deadline: 
Monday, 15 August, 2016
Day of semester start: 
Monday, 26 September, 2016
Credits (ECTS): 
45 ECTS (8 semesters)
Admission requirements: 
  • MSc in Electrical Engineering or MSc in Electronics and Telecommunications or equivalent degree confirming completion of 2-nd level (postgraduate) studies
  • English language international B2 certificate (upper intermediate) such as FCE, IELTS (min. 6 points), IBT (min. 87 points), TOEFL (min. 510 points), if applicable.
  • Each application is assessed individually on its merits.
  • If in doubt, please contact the IRO Officer: studyatbut@pb.edu.pl​.

Third degree full-time PhD courses (third cycle doctoral studies) are conduced both in the discipline of electrical engineering and in the discipline of electronics. PhD studies are for people who possess a master degree or equivalent title.

The doctoral programme of PhD studies allows the PhD students to obtain advanced knowledge of different aspects related to wide and coherent fields of electrical engineering. For example, courses focus on advanced aspects of electromagnetic field, methods and algorithms used in power electronics, algorithms of artificial intelligence, modern approach to electromagnetic compatibility, electric power networks and systems, lighting techniques, new sources of electrical energy, selected problems in control and optimisation of dynamic systems, new trends in optoelectronics, modern topics connected with optical fibres, nanotechnology. These courses intend to change students’ mentality for their future doctoral research.

The dissertation project is the research study that is designed, conducted, and written by a PhD student. Students may pursue their doctoral studies under direct supervision of professors of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Students who finish and defend their theses successfully obtain a doctoral degree granted by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.